House Extensions

House extensions are popular among homeowners because they give them a lot of options for what to do with the extra space. A recent survey found that homeowners want these additions to include an additional bedroom, living room, home office, and more storage space.
One way to think about your needs is by how you use the property now, such as needs might be a home office.
For instance, if you use your property as an office now and want to continue using it that way after the extension is done then you should include at least one more bedroom in addition to your existing room. This ensures there will always be a spare bed for overnight visitors or business associates who need the space on short notice.
Another way to think about your needs is by what you want in the future, such as needs might be an additional bedroom or living room.
If you foresee a need for more bedrooms then adding one now will save time and money down the road when it may not be possible to add another later on due to local zoning regulations.

House Extension Costs

The most popular types of house extensions are loft conversions, kitchen extensions, and ground floor additions. House Extensions can be a cost-effective way to add value to your home or business premises. It is important that they are designed so as not to harm the original character of the house, whilst taking into account any restrictions imposed by planning permission such as height restrictions, neighbor disputes and other factors.
Extension costs vary depending on the scope of work and factors such as location, hours required to carry out the task, materials used for construction etc. A loft conversion will typically cost around £30-£40 per square foot; a kitchen extension would be in the region of £50 to £70 per square foot, while ground floor extensions can be priced at anywhere from approximately £120 to over £200 per square foot.
If you have the finances and space for a House Extension, then it’s worth considering this option. What are the advantages of an extension? There are many! Extensions provide extra living or working space which is perfect if your family has grown over time – no need to worry about running out of room in the future.
They can also be used as an office or as a hobby room. Extensions also offer extra living space which is perfect for people who are downsizing, and there’s the added bonus of potential resale value if you decide to sell your home in the future so House Extension costs can be recuperated over time!

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